When AutoMarque was used to demonstrate assessment of training the instructor was told, “less than half the class new the correct answer to question 24”. “How the hell did you know that”, replied the distressed instructor. “That is just one of the powerful characteristics of AutoMarque”, replied the demonstrator.


Reduce your workload

When AutoMarque does your marking for you it enables you to spend more time on lesson preparation.

If you want to identify students who have similar learning needs in a class, or year-group of classes, AutoMarque quickly and easily does it for you, by strand of learning. It also provides you with the most powerful tool for students, feedback.

When you conduct a survey the data is automatically assembled in a spread sheet saving you hours of tedious work. If your survey is really well prepared AutoMarque will even do diagnostics for you.

Boost your training quality

AutoMarque provides you with feedback for self coaching on the quality of your training. When the results per question and the least well taught are brought to your attention you know exactly where your instruction has been lacking.

You can also develop spreadsheets that show you how students are thinking and obtain an evaluation of the quality of the questions used in your student's assessment. Above all, you can now provide quality assurance within your training program due to the power of AutoMarque.

Enhance student engagement

AutoMarque provides feedback to help you to more effectively coach your students by giving you marked sheets and progress reports of your assessments.

Examples of progress reports:

It is now so easy to conduct surveys on trainee satisfaction due to the power of AutoMarque.