“We have found AutoMarque to be a very powerful way to inform us of the strengths and weaknesses in numeracy across the school and we are now progressing toward directing our teaching with regard to these ... I have heard from teachers that they, and many students, have found this to be a powerful experience. It has certainly changed the conversations we are having.”

Maths Head Teacher


AutoMarque enables teachers to mark their students’ paper based responses to written work, multiple choice questions and practical work. They can process 30 students work in less than two minutes, using their photocopier or portable sheet fed scanner connected to a computer.

It's a world-first product that enhances the user’s awareness of the quality of their pedagogy and student learning. It is also an outstanding productivity tool that completes assessment in minutes - a process that used to take hours.

Reduce your workload

When AutoMarque does your marking for you it enables you spend more time on lesson preparation.

If you want to identify students who have similar learning needs in a class, or year-group of classes, AutoMarque quickly and easily does it for you, by strand of learning. It also provides you with the most powerful tool for students, feedback.

When you conduct a survey the data is automatically assembled in a spread sheet saving you hours of tedious work. If your survey is really well prepared with segments within it AutoMarque will even do diagnostics for you.

Boost your teaching quality

AutoMarque provides you with feedback for self coaching on the quality of your teaching in two different forms. When the results per question and the least well taught are brought to your attention you know exactly where your teaching has been deficient.

You can also develop spreadsheets that show you how students are thinking and obtain an evaluation of the quality of the questions used in your student's assessment.

Enhance student engagement

AutoMarque provides feedback to help you to more effectively coach your students by giving you marked sheets and progress reports of your assessments.

Examples of progress reports: