Technical Specifications

  • AutoMarque is a 32-bit application that operates on Windows® XP/Me/2000/98.
  • Memory and hard disk requirements vary, depending upon the scale of data storage.
  • AutoMarque is initially configured to operate the scanning action at low resolution, of 75 dpi, to enhance the speed of the process.
  • AutoMarque stores data in Microsoft Access format data files.
  • Maximum number of data files: no limit.
  • Unlimited number of tests per data file.
  • Unlimited number of classes per data file.
  • Maximum number of students records per class, no limit.
  • AutoMarque, can store files on single computers or Network File servers, but it is not recommended that these files be accessed by more than one user at a time. Institutions can arrange to divide classes into different data files. These can be analysed together later.


Operational specifications

  • We recommend that the answer sheets be printed and copied onto A4 paper.
  • Copies must be clean and free from dark edges. Alignment symbols must not be deleted or modified and must always be surrounded by clear space.
  • The part of the answer sheet containing the licensed name must appear as originally printed, without being obscured or de-faced.
  • AutoMarque requires that the students mark their response sheets clearly with dark pen, dark pencil or dark felt pen.
  • When using AutoMarque in conjunction with a photocopier the scanning should be saved as a ‘tif group file’.
  • The following colours of paper can also be used – pale yellow, pale blue, pale green. Pink and purple should not be used as they are not suitable.
  • Ensure that you only photocopy from an original printout.

Equipment specifications

  • AutoMarque is designed for Twain-compliant scanners and the following types of photocopiers, in scan mode; Toshiba, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Brother and Xerox.
  • We recommend that your scanner be equipped with an automatic document feeder.