“I am extremely happy with AutoMarque. It has saved me hours of work. … it is wonderful. ... I am extremely happy with the program and am very happy to recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much for all your help.”

Clinical Psychologist


Other than considerable time saving AutoMarque provides psychologists with two main resources;

  1. Assessments where the strands of learning provide powerful insight into client needs.
  2. Rating scale analysis with automatic identification of segments within surveys.

Reduce your workload

In the case of assessments AutoMarque does your assessment for you by quickly transferring data from paper to your computer. The information that is gathered is quickly summarised as a spreadsheet - giving you group lists with weighted results.

If a psychologist wants to obtain an overview of which clients have similar learning difficulties AutoMarque’s needs analysis shows this. It ranks clients from the least successful to the most successful in a strand. AutoMarque also enables the ranking of clients from a series of groups based on a single strand of learning.

When conducting surveys AutoMarque will automatically assemble the data in a spread sheet for you and provide results per segment.